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  • We want to share with you exactly how these bags have come to life and what is included within them!


    The Story

    We wanted to create something that the bride and groom could take with them on the day for any little Emergency. Why? Not so long a go, 4 bridesmaids had to frantically search for safety pins to take up a wedding dress, the day of the wedding. Who was this bride? Kendie's sister ! And yes, she had multiple dress fittings and this incident still happened. 


    Jane has attended a wedding where one of the groomsmen forgot socks! That won’t be the case with these bags! 


    We have jam packed them with everything we think you could need on the day of your wedding and if not, items which could also be used for when you go travelling! Who knows when a little Emergency could come up ! 


    They come complete with a packing card so you know what is inside, as well as some suggestions on additional personal items to pack. 


    We are truly so proud of these and have spent hours selecting and purchasing each item, packing them and designing them just for you and we hope you love them! 

    Essential Kit for Her

      • Lip Balm (SA Made)
      • Hand Cream (SA Made)
      • EME Sewing Kit (Needle, Thread and Buttons)
      • Double Sided Tape
      • Eye Makeup Remover Pads
      • Razor
      • Tissues
      • Pads and Tampons
      • Deodorant Wipes
      • Floss
      • Panadol
      • Blotting Paper
      • Hydralyte
      • Cotton Tips 
      • Toothbrush
      • Toothpaste
      • Nail File
      • Notepad and Pen
      • Rubber Bands 
      • Hair Tie and Bobby Pins
      • Safety Pins
      • Scissors
      • Chewing Gum
      • Earring Spares / Backs
      • Tea
      • Stain Remover Wipes
      • Reusable Straw
      • Band-Aids
    • We wanted to have creative control with these bags and handpick what's in them, ensuring we could keep them as local as possible and shine the spotlight on some incredible Adelaide vendors such as @yardskincare @cocomarieskincare@kosmea_skincare

      Each bag is handsewn here in SA, with the outer layer being 100% linen and the inner lining made from upcycled material or off cuts to reduce wastage and give a sense of uniqueness. 

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