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Why you need an on the day coordinator:

Having been a celebrant for the past 8 years, I am privy to and have eyes over many aspects of your wedding day in the lead up to and on the day of your ceremony. I have heard you talk about your visions and dreams for the day during our catch ups, saw you tick items off your checklist and share your hopes for how the day will pan out at the rehearsal. Too many times I have seen ceremonies run late, signage being blown away right before the ceremony is to start or chairs and arbour set up incorrectly. This can all be so frustrating for the couples who have planned it so meticulously.

For many of our couples, we know this is likely their first time they have been involved in a wedding and may not always know the nitty gritty and finer details in ensuring both the ceremony and reception run smoothly. So, what’s the answer so this doesn’t happen to you? Hire an on the day coordinator of course.

So, what IS an On the Day Coordinator?

An On the Day Coordinator (OTDC) is the go to person for making sure all of the plans you have thought about since you were seven years old is executed perfectly on your wedding day. Their role is to oversee vendors, managing the timeline, ensuring the bridal tribe know where they need to stand, that your grandparents are seated where they should be and that all suppliers have communicated to before you walk down the aisle and problem solve any last-minute challenges that arise on the day.

They are the contact person for vendors so questions are diverted away from the couple and their families, taking the stress from all parties/guests on the day. How good is that!

We know you are thinking, what’s the difference between an On the Day Coordinator and a Wedding planner? Read on to find out.

On the Day Wedding Coordinator vs Wedding Planner.

An On the Day Coordinator (OTDC) is the person responsible for the smooth running of the Wedding Day, unlike a wedding planner who you have been engaged with throughout your wedding planning process and booking, sourcing your suppliers. The OTDC ensures that the plans you and your Wedding Planner have tirelessly planned is executed to a tee!

On the Day Coordinator vs Wedding Planner

But My Venue is Supplying a Wedding Coordinator

Some venues will supply a Wedding Coordinator as part of your package, however the Wedding Coordinator is employed by the venue and not by you. Yes, we know the coordinator will ensure the plans run smoothly however their main interest is the venue setup for example ensuring the vendors arrive and are set up on time (e.g cake, decorations, DJ etc). The venue coordinator will not necessarily ensure that the celebrant is running on time, if all family members are present or if the couple is running on schedule. This is particularly important if the ceremony and reception are in different venues.

So, when do you need an On the Day Coordinator then?

DIY weddings are becoming more and more common with modern couples as it gives them the creative freedom and choice to have the wedding of their dreams.

On the Day Coordinators are hired to oversee the couples hard work on the day. This allows couples to just focus on having the best time and remember their vows instead of being the contact person because the arbour is getting washed away during high tide at the beach or the wedding party is running late.

The OTDC can also help couples ensure that they aren’t missing any elements of their wedding. Imagine this, DIY wedding, champagne on ice, your ceremony finishes and you go to pop that bubbly and realise you forgot to pack the champagne glasses! #true story.

As previously mentioned, a lot of wedding venues offer a wedding coordinator, yippee, less work for you. But what if you wanted to get married in the middle of a field, at a car park or at the beach and there aren't enough power points or electricity for your Celebrant or DJ to play their set. Again, true story!

Whether it is a DIY wedding, a private venue or a wedding venue, like a Fairy Godmother, an OTDC can wish away the little problems that arise and you will be none the wiser. We are in the business of making wedding dreams come true after all!


Jane and Kendie

(Elise Mae Events | Celebrant | On the Day Coordinator)

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