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Wedding signage with The Ivory Scribe

Here at EME, we love bringing you the faces and stories behind local SA wedding vendors. A few weeks ago we had the lovely Nikki join us live on #Tipsy Thursday to talk all things wedding stationary, signage and everything else in between to add a little bit of personal magic at your next event.

Tell us about how Ivory Scribe began and how you chose the name.

"It's been 3.5 years now; I was a new mum and I was looking for a creative outlet. When I was in Melbourne I took a calligraphy course with my husbands cousin who is a super, super talented graphic designer and it was so awesome to have that creative outlet. Through that I started doing signage for family/friends for christening and weddings. It started out for me, doing calligraphy and doing signage by hand. That's how the name came about doing signage for weddings (ivory) and being the scribe. From there it took a different direction and I ended up purchasing a vinyl cutter. And I just really loved being able to go online, typeface and finding and curating all these beautiful fonts. What I love about the vinyl is that as I created the graphic on the computer, it would be as it appeared on the vinyl. Through the vinyls, I started experimenting with different mediums, starting with wood and then moved to acrylic. So, that's how I got into laser cutting and as soon as I got into laser cutting, I just loved it so much."

We know you do signage, wishing wells, cake toppers and more. Do you want to share about the products you offer and what's available for clients?

The Ivory Scribe Wishing well available for hire in our online shop

"Maybe I'll start with things that are the most popular at the moment. We cater for customers and clients in Adelaide and we also sell online for those interstate. Our wishing wells are constructed in-house. I often refer to the Ivory Scribe team as my husband and myself. He kind of plays a back end role and he does all the construction and all the other random jobs I make him do. With the wishing wells, I laser cut all the panels and he puts them together. So they are all lovingly made here in-house.

They are definitely one of our popular items. We also do other things like signage, little drink tags and drink stirrers which are really fun, little name cards and place cards. Because we do our laser cutting in-house, we have that flexibility to be quite creative if that's what customers want. I'm all about the little details and bringing the special touches to events. We also do other events like christenings and birthdays."

How far in advance would you recommend couples order from you?

"It really depends; if customers are wanting a really bespoke service where we come up with really amazing concepts together which I love to do, we recommend couples book well in advance. We are taking bookings for next year and 2023 which seems crazy, however we can only take limited amounts of big jobs, like seating charts and welcome signs. If that's what customers are after, we recommend booking well in advance. If people are wanting small things like our ready-to-go range such as the drink stirrers or drink tags, these are 1-2 weeks. Wishing wells are 2-3 weeks minimum so in peak time, that extends."

What's your advice for clients who want custom pieces and what should they come prepared with?

"At the moment, I am putting together a pre consultation form for clients. But, we recommend clients send through their inspiration pictures, linking me to their Pinterest board, sending through the theme, if they're having a theme or their colour palette for the wedding. Sending through information on other suppliers as well as this can influence the design and I can get an idea of the whole picture [of the event]. Finding out where the venue is helpful too, to piece together and be on the same page with other suppliers.

Image source The Ivory Scribe

Our favourite topic, sustainability. Can your items be reused?

"A lot of our clients who purchase wishing wells really like to keep them for all the little keepsakes they receive [on the day] like the little horse shoe, the wedding cards and anything else special on the day.

[With] the welcome signs, often clients will have their date and their names and they will often use this as a focal point for a display in their house with photos. We can also provide [clients] with wall mount screws so it can be fixed and secured to the walls and these come in different colours too so we can have everything looking cohesive and meant to be there."

Can clients hire your items?

"A lot of the items that have featured in styled shoots, we are being asked to hire out. A lot of things I make and use can be recycled for friends and family. We do hire out our wishing wells and table numbers."

Do you have an approximate guide on pricing and where this starts from ?

"The thing with what I do is, there is multiple entry points. You might just want to have those personal touches for your wedding party like the drink stirrers which start from $2.60. It might just be buying this for your wedding tribe or your wedding party table. We can also go down the road of making custom signage which is at a higher price point. So, on my website I have lots of items that are ready to go and made up as they are. So if it is out of budget there is other options too. A lot of the [items] do work within people's budget and that's often what we discuss about [with] our customers and work with them [and] their budget. We can always find a way to make beautiful pieces that fit within their budget, so it's quite flexible."

Image Source The Ivory Scribe

So Nikki, we know you are married yourself. How did you find the wedding planning process?

"So me being me, I wanted to take stuff on myself which was very stressful. So I really do see the value in having a wedding planner or a stylist on board because I took too much on board and yes, one of the things I would say and recommend to all the couples is to make sure you take the week off before your wedding at least. Because I only had two days off and yeah it was not ideal, very stressful, very very stressful.

One thing I do have to say is I really, really enjoyed my wedding day. I made the conscious effort to take in every moment. It felt like a really long day, probably because I was up super early. A lot of times I would just sit there with Stephen [my husband] and think, I should really go over to that table and have a chat to them but instead I [stayed], enjoying that moment with him.

Who or what suppliers could you not live without and would recommend everyone to consider and invest in?

"Our photographer Ky Lu, he was just amazing and he made us feel so at ease. We had a pre wedding shoot which I highly recommend with your photographer, whether it's not included in your package. It's such a great way to just get behind that lens. You probably don't see my face on here that often, I don't like being in front of the camera and it [pre wedding shoot] just really made us feel so comfortable. He was just so amazing and the photos were just so special from our big day. Please invest in your photographer.

We got married at a Greek Orthodox Church for our ceremony and afterwards we were at Krystal function centre, we had quite a large wedding and guest-list and Joanna who I don't think is there anymore, she was the event manager there, [she] was so on top of everything and she also sang in our band as well. Not only was she managing and running the whole show, she was also getting on our MC and singing. She is part of a beautiful Greek band, I am Greek heritage and we had the Greek band playing as well as our DJ. It was just amazing and Stephen is Italian so it was so beautiful having everyone on the dance floor. The dance floor was always packed and everything ran so smoothly and so beautifully.

It was so much fun! One of the best things we did is we tried to incorporate things from both cultures. So Joanna in the band had the Tarantella, a traditional Italian song. In my husband's tradition, they have a streamer dance where they throw streamers and you get wrapped in streamers. It was just so much fun and everything I wanted on that day. High energy and everyone I loved around me.... it was awesome."

Where can people find you on the socials?

"I am on Instagram, and I am on Facebook but my preferred is Instagram. I am also on Pinterest and on Etsy...My website has had a soft launch and you can see what's going on there and stop on by and give me some feedback if you like."

Any final tips for couples planning their wedding?

"You know what, I think it's a really funny time at the moment as we all know. One of the beautiful photographers in the industry wrote a gorgeous post about it and I think you need to just strip it back and just remember it's about you and your beautiful significant other and it's about [the two of you] coming together in that special special moment. Whether it means you have that intimate wedding of just the two of you and your core, small group of people or whether you want to wait and have that wedding that you deserve and everyone deserves.

You just have to do what works for you both and that's the core of it. It's a hard time at the moment. There's a lot of uncertainty and it's just very different and there's a level of anxiety and it's hard."

You can follow Nikki on @theivoryscribe or

(L to R : Vanessa of @Blush&Ivy, Kendie of Elise Mae events, Nikki of @theivoryscribe, Wedding Vault, Alix of @alixthecelebrant)


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