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To videographer or not to videographer? that is the question

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

It truly is a question that many couples are asking themselves and we thought we would give you some things to consider helping you answer the age-old question, to Videographer or not to Videographer. Remember that there is not A correct answer; it is what is right for you both, for the vibe that you are aiming to achieve on your day, whether you would like the keepsake forever and if it fits your budget/ is a non-negotiable for your day.

It is no secret that having a Videographer can be one of the more costly items on your wedding checklist. We are not here to persuade you or say definitely if you should have a Videographer or not, however we definitely are here to support our local vendors and suppliers and believe that this is an area that we are incredibly spoilt for immaculate talent in Adelaide! We have the most passionate and beautiful Videographers who create stunning and heartfelt content for you to have and share the very same day and then longer videos for you to relive the best day of your life over and over again!

We truly do believe it is an invaluable service to capture every tear, every emotion, every ugly cry (hopefully from your fiancé as you walk down the aisle!) and to capture things that you might not get to take in properly on the day for you to watch over and over again until your heart's content!

We definitely do have other options such as guests taking fun videos and boomerangs throughout the day, however these are not pieced together as a story book like your professional Videographer would create. Of course, a budget friendly option is to get someone in your family or a friend to film the day, but the videos would unlikely be edited, come out blurry or unfortunately, the SD card might run out of space. We have seen it all folks!

Some things that we have heard from couples who have chosen to have a Videographer include:

  • ‘After the wedding, the photos and videos are the only things you have left.’

  • ‘It is one of the most special things from our day. We can feel the entire wedding day all over again with it.’

  • ‘We almost chose against having a Videographer. We are SO glad that we decided against omitting this as we feel that it is the only thing we would have regretted from our day if we did’.

At EME, we often say, ‘let us help you create memories that will last a lifetime’ and this is through choosing vendors and suppliers that help to create your dream wedding and we definitely recommend investing into anything that will help capture and store the memory of your day.

Still unsure?

To help you decide if a Videographer is right for you, we recommend jumping onto their social media pages and watching their videos so see if their vibe, style and videos capture your emotions. Do they bring on the warm fuzzies and make you wish you were in the videos? Here are some incredible Videographers for you to check out (we know, like us, you will end up watching 20+ videos on their pages with a box of tissues!) We have personally met/worked with these below and cannot rate them higher but know that there are many others also out there that are as equally talented.

Our top picks

The below is based on who we have been fortunate to work with, meet and connect with and couldn’t recommend higher for you BUT please know that there are many many others out there also:

We also can appreciate that maybe being in front of the camera is a bit daunting and you feel like you won’t know how to act natural or that your videographer will be ‘in your face all day’. We can assure you that each of the above have a gentle way of supporting you through the process, from guiding you on how to move and act, to making you laugh and feel very comfortable to actually forgetting they are even there as they capture even intimate moments from afar. All of the above are also exceptionally talented at working with your chosen photographers and other vendors- after all, we are all in the industry of making your wedding dream come true so we will all band together to make sure of this!

If you want to hear firsthand from a Videographer how special it is for them being a part of your day, watch out for our In Bed with EME episode where we talk to Ash Rayson from A Ray Media! COMING SOON!

Final Advice:

  • We recommend you become part of our VIP list for full access to all of our resources including our Ultimate Wedding Checklist where this will guide you to be aware of all the considerations for your wedding day and help you to determine if a Videographer is in your budget and something that is important to you.

  • If you would like to consider having a videographer but it does not fit in with your budget, think about what costs you could save in other areas of your wedding such as the size of the guestlist or a cocktail style reception instead of seated.

Video courtesy of Ash Rayson of A Ray Media

Don't forget to head on over to our insta page (@elisemaeevents) for more sneak peeks of local Adelaide Videographers.


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