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Tipsy Thursday: F.a.q

Did you catch our first ever Tipsy Thursday? The concept of Tipsy Thursday is to join us LIVE in our dressing gowns, with a wine in hand to discuss all things weddings. Hear from past, present, future couples and local Adelaide suppliers. REAL TALK ONLY ! Hear about the funniest moments, huh-huh moments, the budgets, the decisions made, the days shared and everything you need to know about your upcoming dream wedding.

We made sure to capture all that we chatted about, so read on below or head on to our IGTV page on insta !

Firstly, our answers are based on lived experiences as a Celebrant, On the Day Coordinator as well as being involved in many weddings as guests, Bridesmaids and Maid of Honour. So take what you want from the discussion and remember the most important thing is always to do what’s best for you and your personal situation.

Photographer: Jaz Anderson

1. Can I bring a plus one?

You absolutely cannot assume that you can bring a plus one. The couple will have specifically catered to the guests invited in terms of their own budgets, seating, to drinks and to venue spacing.

We discussed whether you can ask the couple if you can bring a plus one, and the consensus was that you caaaaan, but really do not expect that they will be able to accommodate this and don’t be offended if the answer is no. Consider if maybe they have met the person that you are wanting to invite or if you are a part of a group that maybe all plus one’s haven't been invited for (ie work group).

2. How much should I give the couple?

The couple is paying for you to have a full afternoon and evening catered to with all your meals, drinks, entertainment and often, gift expenses all paid for. This is essentially a night out (plus more!) so we feel considering at least $100-$150 per person is reasonable. We do understand different circumstances might mean that you can pay less or more but this is a good general guide.

We discussed then considering 20% on this, as recommended by a listener and that this would make sense to ensure that the couple isn’t just covering the cost of you but that they also get a little bit to put towards a honeymoon or something for setting up their life together.

3. Can I bring my baby?

Similar to the first question, please do not assume that you can. We completely understand that you might have a really young baby and being away for the afternoon or evening is difficult. Some couples have brought (with permission) their baby to the ceremony so that they can share that (and it might be a bit easier to duck off if you need to) but for the reception, they have then had a baby-sitter and made a date night of it!

Everyone has a different opinion on what they are happy with and at the end of the day, it is up to the couple getting married and guests need to respect what this is. If it doesn't work for you and your family and being with your family is most important- that is completely okay too and you can potentially try and do a more intimate catch up to celebrate at a later date.

4. Can I upload photos on social media?

Please be really considerate about this! As a celebrant, Jane will always do housekeeping prior to the ceremony which will include details about the couple’s wishes for photos and uploading to social media. If a couple has requested an unplugged ceremony, this needs to be adhered to strictly. If the couple has advised they are happy for photos to be taken but to be mindful of professional photographer and videographer, be considerate of this also and ensure that you aren’t the one whose phone or iPad is in the view of the aisle!

When it comes to uploading photos to social media, again listen out to what was requested during housekeeping which will reflect the couples wishes. If the couple has asked that you do not upload until they have uploaded/announced their wedding first, please do respect this. Remember, it is their moment and their story to share. Be considerate that the couple has invited everyone that they want to be there on the day to share the moment so they are not necessarily rushing to have anything posted on social media as they are surrounded by the nearest and dearest.

Some couple’s may have a #hashtag for the wedding day, which is quite common nowadays. Again, please don’t take this as the go ahead to upload the blurry dancefloor photos first.

5. Do people use guest books anymore?

From the many weddings we have been lucky enough to be a part of as both a service provider and guest, we still see many couples choose to have guest books. Guestbooks are such a great opportunity for all of your guests to write a personal message for you to read for many years to come. Feel free to get creative! We have had polaroid cameras located next to the guest books allowing guests to stick their polaroid shot in the guest book and write a little message.

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Local source: Check out our gal The Ivory Scribe

What are your thoughts on the above?

If you have any other FAQ’s or funny wedding stories to share, feel free to email them to us at


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