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The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Don’t fall into thinking ‘it won’t happen to us’. We have been to enough weddings to know that just about anything can happen!

Photographer credits: @ellenheatherphotography

Picture this; the day is here, it is your wedding day! You are in your dream dress; you’ve had it altered so many times and you know it will fit you like a glove. Half an hour before your photographer comes and your dress is too long and you’re tripping over it every step! Your bridesmaids are frantically trying to find safety pins to hem it up and you are low key trying not to panic. We wouldn’t wish this on anyone but unfortunately this happened to my sister on her wedding day!

While we know that you have thought out every detail of your wedding day meticulously, it really is always better to be safe than sorry. Who knows when your grandma may need a Band-Aid for her blisters because she was on the D-floor for too long, or your bridesmaid snapped her dress strap, going for the bouquet toss (we can actually personally vouch for this one also!), or one of the groomsmen has forgotten his socks!

This isn’t to horrify you on all that could go wrong, but more to give you the solution so that if it does, you are 100% covered. We have taken all the hard work out for you and designed your Ultimate Wedding Day Essential Kit! It’s exactly as the name suggests, a collection of items for any little emergency on the day and if you are like us, packaged neatly and aesthetically. These little emergencies can range from a button falling off, dehydration after your ceremony in the sun, to cure that headache the next day or a nail file to file that annoying chip on your manicured nails.

Not only will the Emergency kit account for the little emergencies but it does offer a peace of mind for you on the day. Trust us, it will leave you feeling that little bit prepared and ensures that you can just focus on enjoying the moment. AND better yet, no one has to leave the wedding and run to the servo because your bestie needed a tampon! Have we convinced you yet?

But what should be in my kit?

Ok we wont lie, it can be overwhelming choosing all of the necessary items without packing everything but the kitchen sink! We get it, that’s why we decided to do it for you! *hell yeah!

We have packed it full to the brim with the essentials, also ensuring there is a hint of luxury and that the items are as sustainable and local as possible. Here are EME, we love supporting local Adelaide and Adelaide Hills businesses so when you purchase our kit, know that the bags are hand made and packed (by us) in Adelaide PLUS you are supporting fellow Adelaide Hills businesses like Yard Skin Care and Coco Marie!

When else can we use the kits ?

We believe that your essential kit shouldn’t just be for the wedding day either, it should be your go to kit for any emergency at home, on your honeymoon, travelling or even when out bush camping!

Enough from us, go on, head on over to our little shop and tick one thing off your wedding day checklist and see all of the items we have carefully selected and purchase your own essential kit today! We know there will be #noragrets!

Need extra bit of convincing, join our mailing list for 20% off your Emergency Kit.

#KeepCalm and purchase your Essential Kit today.

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