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Surprise weddings and how to pull it off

Eager to surprise your family and friends? Here is where to start!

Typically, those who want to plan and do a surprise wedding, are looking for something a bit more relaxed, casual and with no-fuss lead up to the event.

Here are some words from a previous EME bride who absolutely pulled it off with her now hubby!

"We had the absolute best day! We felt very supported by Jane and knew the most important thing (the actual getting married part) would be perfect. No matter what else happened, we were just so happy to get married to each other."

Utilise the resources at your disposal and the people who are “in the know” of the wedding industry. There are so many choices, so work with trustworthy people who can help build connections and make the process as seamless as possible. And have fun!

Tell minimal people and keep the guests guessing. No matter if the wedding stays a surprise or not, the most important thing is the beautiful marriage taking place.

"The ceremony was so gorgeous, special and personalised. Even though times can be stressful, never lose sight of why you’re having a wedding - to get married to the love of your life!"

Some additional considerations:

• Have your non-negotiable VIP guest list and make sure that they are aware and sworn to secrecy!

• If you get RSVP’s for your ‘engagement party’ or whatever the cover story that you are using that someone is unable to come, consider letting them know that it is an event that is a cover for something bigger. The reason we say this is that some people will think that they will not take this event off work, or prioritise it over another event because they might save that time off for the actual wedding so they would appreciate the heads up to not miss out on the wedding. It is completely up to you however just take a moment to think about how they will feel when they find out that it is a surprise wedding, and they were not there. It might be good to consider how you are going to announce on social media about the surprise nuptials. We recommend you reaching out to those who were not there individually and asking guests not to post on social media until you have done so and perhaps posted initially yourselves.

• Enjoy! Have fun in the lead up and the suspense – it will all be so worth it when you see the absolute surprise and joy on your guests faces and you get to marry the love of your life!

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