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MC or Emcee

Essentially, MC stands for Master of Ceremonies (pretty fancy title hey!) and emcee is a less formal way of saying this. I like to think of professionals as MC’s and family/friend members as emcee’s and this is how I am going to refer to them for this blog.

This blog is to give you a little more insight into exactly what an MC’s role is and a few things I would love for you to consider before asking a family or friend member to emcee your reception.

Let's get specific about exactly what the role of MC is:

  • To have a clear understanding of your vision for the reception from the vibe, atmosphere, to the timeline and flow for the evening.

  • To ensure that all vendors involved have the same run-sheet and therefore same timeline for the evening.

  • Liaising with all vendors throughout the evening so they know what is coming up and

  • happening next. This is valuable for your photographers/videographers as they often have to change cameras or camera settings for speeches to first dances.

  • Coordinating the entire run sheet throughout the evening and communicating where needed to all involved about what is coming up or any changes.

  • Welcome in your guests, get them settled and share the housekeeping for the evening which includes where amenities are, a rundown for the evening so they know what to expect, what the food/drinks will be the evening and get them excited for all that is to come!

  • To be prepared for changes in the event, ie sunset photos taking longer or meals being delayed and have your guests being none the wiser!

  • Being funny and humorous, without being predictable or cracking any jokes that have been used to death or will make your guests eye roll ie ‘what a wonderful evening, even the cake is in tiers’!

  • Add sentiment to significant moments like speeches, first dances and exit songs.

  • Making sure your speakers don’t speak for 20 minutes each (unless you have allocated them that time!)

  • Answer your guests’ questions and concerns throughout the evening (this is actually encouraged by us when we are your MC as we want guests to come to us and leave you to enjoy your night!)

  • Celebrate and encourage the festivities all night long!

  • Remind your guests to pose at the photobooth, sign your guest book and drop their card off in your wishing well!

  • If you use us as your MC, you will soon learn that our role also includes joining you for a boogie on the dance floor!

Still thinking about an Emcee?

You might have someone who is perfect for the job, they are funny, have great jokes and can entertain your guests, and if you feel they are meant to be your emcee, we absolutely love this for you but maybe ensure that they connect with an MC prior to the reception to get some handy tips (all of which I am not going to spill in here :P).

We do have a template guide for designing your reception and are more than happy to share this with our couples to help guide your emcee. It is not up to them to wing it on the night or ‘to just go with the flow’ as this will end up looking clunky and leaving your emcee feeling unsure of what is happening. There is still a responsibility on you to create and design the run-sheet and provide all the details needed to your emcee.

Our triple service package is all about how we can take the stress out of your wedding planning and on the day to ensure that you AND your guests have the best wedding ever! We believe that by having us as your Celebrant, On The Day Coordinator AND MC will ensure that you have the most fun in the lead up to and on the day, as well as feeling confident that all will be looked after for you on the day and your only job is getting hitched and having a blast!

By having us two gals for all three services, means that we can flow through the vibe and atmosphere that you are looking for throughout the day and night.

See you on the D-floor, lovers!


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