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A day in the life of a celebrant

Have you ever wondered exactly what it is that us celebrants do besides deliver an amazing ceremony for you on the day of your wedding? I wanted to give you first hand insight into what is involved in the lead up to, on the day and after your ceremony and thought I would rope in some of my cele-besties to help out with this!

18-12 months out from your wedding

I am GIDDY with excitement after our first catch up hearing all about your plans for your dream wedding. You will have inspired me to race home and start putting your wedding pack together for your perfect ceremony. - Jane of Elise Mae Events

Excuse me? You haven’t booked your Celebrant yet? I kid, I kid haha! I offer a no obligation meeting where we can meet, chat about their wedding day and basically this is where I will charm the pants off of you and make you both fall in Jane of Elise Mae Events love with me! - Lauren of Marry Me Lorri

This is when I’m meeting my couples. I always approach these meetings as a ‘get to know you’ rather than them interviewing me. I find my couples are more comfortable with this approach and when booking me will comment that they feel like they’ve just caught up with a friend. - Amy of With Love Amy

That first meeting is so much like a blind date! I always try to get to the meeting place, be it a cafe or a bar, at least 15 minutes early so that the couple has to find me! “I'm in the red dress, sitting in the corner, with the white rose! Hahaha.” - Kerrie of KT Weddings

Initial meeting- I like to make this fun with no stress on the couple to choose me, but simply be open and honest about who I am and what I offer. I’m not too concerned at this stage about any ceremony specifics but just like to get the couple super excited about talking about their plans for their wedding. - Beccy of Beccy Brooks Celebrant

Initial email sent at time of booking with everything they need to know, and everything they need to send back. Then meeting arranged by couple which varies from 18 months to 1 month, but I prefer an early meeting to get the NOIM knocked off. - Deborah of Deborah Lilley Celebrant

6 months out from the wedding:

I try and do the couples NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage) 3-6 months out and so will often think “Oh shit, have I met with xx & xx? Their wedding is this year!” – But I usually already have the meeting booked and I'm just overthinking my own process. I love this meeting as usually everything is all booked and myself and the couple gets excited about all their vendors and their visions for the ceremony and the day. Its always a great catch up.

- Alix The Celebrant

I send through info kit with ceremony options/legal requirements etc and give availability for planning meeting including NOIM. Always feels like catching up with old friends and we start to get excited about the ceremony and options they would like to include. I always go through checklist with them at this meeting in person rather than them email it, as it is more personal. - Amy of With Love Amy

I really love this time – couples are so excited and eager to see what they can include in their ceremony and love getting their Lauren of Marry Me Lorri

details documented – making it real, for real.

- Shelley of Celebrancy by Shelley

You'll be on my list to check that we have crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's on your Notice of Intended Marriage and I will be checking in to see how you are travelling, aiming to help calm any stressors or be the ear you need to excitedly chat about all things wedding.

- Jane of Elise Mae Events

0-3 months out from the wedding:

I've given each person my couples questionnaire to fill in, so that I can get to know what makes them tick as a couple... it's these answers that allow me to give their ceremony a really super-duper personalised touch! - Kerrie of KT Weddings

Touch base with the couple to see that all is going well (excluding COVID impacts of course) and it is usually a good time to remind them of their vows

and music list to be created and/or sent to me.

-Shelley of Celebrancy by Shelley

I will be finding my groove and letting my creative juices flow as I write your ceremony (and likely crying or laughing from your responses in my questionnaire or thinking about our shared memories). -Jane of Elise Mae Events

3 months out from your wedding we need to start building your ceremony! So I send you all my magical documents and vow writing formulas to start putting together your beautiful story. - Lauren of Marry Me Lorri

3 months out: remind them to send vows... I month out: ask for vows... - Deborah of Deborah Lilley Celebrant

The wedding week!

OH MY GEEEEEEEEEE! This is me squealing because it’s your wedding week and I am THAT DAMN EXCITED! - Lauren of Marry Me Lorri

Check in that all is ok. Any questions? Encourage sleep, love, gentleness. Lee-Anne Bennett

Ask AGAIN for vows.... - Deborah of Deborah Lilley Deborah Lilley Celebrant Celebrant

How exciting!!! The week you have dreamed of is here! I will be all yours this week if you have any last-minute questions or need any support at all this week. If you would like, we can also have a rehearsal which can be a good chance to sign some paperwork needed before The.Big.Day! - Jane of Elise Mae Events

I keep the jitters at bay by running over the ceremony script at least once a day. Practice and perform as though I am in ceremony. Often with really loud music in the background to amp me up! It is my job to honour the couple, create a killer mood and set the vibe for the entire day. - Beccy Brooks

Deadline for personal vows are right now! So I start hounding my couples to send them through if they haven’t already. My PA system, Kindle, wireless microphones are all put on to charge. My Instax Mini Polaroid camera is checked for batteries and film. My signing pens are packed into my bag. If the couple would like a rehearsal, this is usually the time we do them. - Tita of Por Vida Ceremonies

The morning of:

I take a big breath in and thank the elements around me. I thank the Earth for the ceremony location, I thank the wind or sun or rain for their importance in the day. Then I acquaint myself with any Friend-ors present and ensure we’re all on the same page moving forward into the ceremony. If there is no live music playing, I’ll pop my Spotify on and have some tunes in the background for when your guests arrive. - Tita of Por Vida Ceremonies

I send a Woo Hooo message! See you later today! Enjoy the pampering and Don’t sweat the small stuff. - Lee-Anne Bennett

Every morning before a ceremony, I will have a ‘moment’. A moment where I feel a wave of nerves, excitement and pride. I have always said that nerves show how much you care about something and I truly care SO much about doing the best job for you both! I will do a last run through of the electronics and technology before I glam up! - Jane of Elise Mae Events

I wake up and have the nervous energy of going to a wedding haha! I love getting ready and glamming up and will go through the script a few times and triple check I’ve got everything I need. Usually a quick shot of coffee before I leave the house for a boost of energy. - Amy of With Love Amy

I do as little as possible.. Drink tea, rarely eat, maybe toast.. I set three alarms.. Hair, Make-up, decide on clothes, pack car, check car, stop down the road from the house to check car again... Those documents may have moved from that case!!! - Deborah of Deborah Lilley Celebrant

I’m on a high, buzzing around the house. Send each of the couple a text telling them I can’t wait to see them later and wishing them a smooth prep morning. - Shelley of Celebrancy by Shelley

I usually send my couple a “IT'S TODAY” message and feel so excited for them! I start getting ready about 11:30am for a wedding. This involves a mini breakdown about how to do my hair and what to wear! “Shiiiiit what am I wearing today?” “Have I got time to stop for coffee?.” “I should practice the ceremony for the 10th time!”- Alix the Celebrant

My appearance, although alternative, is something I take pride in, so you know I’m rocking up looking with a mug beat to the Gods, honey! One more check of making sure everything is packed in my car, I set off on my adventure. - Tita of Por Vida Ceremonies

Arriving/ 5 minutes before:

I love arriving to a ceremony location. It truly is the ‘calm before the storm’. I love seeing vendors arriving and setting up and then guests rolling in, full of excitement and eagerness. - Jane of Elise Mae Events

Usually I have blasted out some heavy tunes on the way to the ceremony to get me pumped and to help with vocal exercises, so in the minutes leading up to the ceremony I feel like a freakin’ rockstar ready to take control of my ceremony. - Beccy Brooks

I love this time! The anticipation. Getting mentally prepared as well as ensuring I’m set up for the ceremony. I love when other suppliers arrive and I have a chat/catch up and hear about their morning/day so far (especially photogs etc and hear how each party has been so far when getting ready). I love greeting the first party to arrive and have a chat to relax them and enjoy meeting the families and other guests. - Amy of With Love Amy

Pull over and check I've not got anything in my teeth! - Deborah of Deborah Lilley Celebrant


This is the best feeling ever!! I am just so in the moment with you both and your loved ones. This is my zone and I hope you can feel the love I have for you in this moment. - Jane of Elise Mae Events

Two words: SHOW TIME!! It’s game face on and the charm and charisma comes out to engage the guests and ensure my couples is super comfortable and enjoy the ceremony. Ensuring I’m living in that moment to enjoy the nuances otherwise missed.- Amy of With Love Amy

Here is where I’m at my element - absolute frothing and loving life that I get to stand with you both in this amazing and special moment. I’ll celebrate your love through the perfect combination of humour, wit, romance and meaning as we tell your story your way. I also usually wear something with pockets to hold tissues because trust me you will need them! We also sign your legal paperwork with your witnesses but like I said don’t worry, I got chu boo! -Lauren of Marry Me Lorri

There are so many parts of a ceremony that I could say are my favourite. The moment the couple comes together at the front. Or when sweaty palms mean the wedding ring doesn't go on easily. Or when the couples' dog starts barking over the top of me. But I think my absolute number one is the fact that the couple feels comfortable enough with me by that stage, that we can have some little jokes and laughs up the front, for our ears only!

-Kerrie of KT Weddings

I’ve being trying hard to slow down more during the ceremony and in the moments that I’m standing to the side (their vows) I usually look at the guests and soak it all in. I love watching all of their loved ones beaming with pride – I feel so very much in my element! I will often have thoughts like - “I love my job,” “Gosh they look happy,” “Awww they’re doing so well with their vows!!” “Does that person seriously have their phone?!” - Alix the Celebrant

I’m thinking, make sure you get their names right, watch for the fainting bridal party, who’s playing the music??? - Lee-Anne Bennett

There is always a mini-intro to kick off the day, always including an acknowledgement of country specific to the area we celebrate on during ceremony. Every couple is different, so every ceremony script is different. I usually stand to the side of the couple, occasionally in the middle when they need to repeat their “I Dos,” If a party to marriage needs help with their outfit, a fluff here or there – I always make sure I do that for them – they gotta look top notch! - Tita of Por Vida Ceremonies

Straight after:

Elation! Love hearing guests thoughts on the ceremony and chatting to them about weddings they’ve been to haha. There’s a definite shift in energy and everyone is ready to get the party started! - Amy of With Love Amy

I love to watch the couple with their guests – interacting and hugging and sharing the love. I watch for a few minutes and then I’m often approached by guests congratulating me on the ceremony or saying how much they loved it. - Shelley of Celebrancy by Shelley

Internal monologue usually goes like this: fuck yes, that was the shit! What an amazing couple they are, I am so in love with both of them, I wish I could be in this place forever and then….. Man I (and this interchanges depending on the day) could really slam an alcoholic bev right now and/or sheesh I am HAAAAANGRY!!!!

-Beccy Brooks Celebrant Beccy Brooks Celebrant

You are hitched! Wohoooooo! The best feeling ever! I will let you get bamboozled with love from your nearest and dearest, hand over your ceremonial certificate to a trusted human, and then bombard you with a hug and a photo of my own. I am literally so happy for you both I could squeal! I will then chat to your guests, stalk you having your photos and then quietly pack up my belongings and be on my way so you can have the most amazing and epic night! - Lauren of Marry Me Lorri

I love sitting back and taking in the aftermath of a ceremony, watching everyone throw rose petals (above your head, not at your face) and seeing you hug and celebrate with loved ones. I love when I see that moment that in the chaos, you find each other’s eyes in the crowd and revel in the fact that you just married the heck out of each other! - Jane of Elise Mae Events

Later that evening:

The night of a wedding, when I am home and in my comfy clothes, I will often just be feeling the ‘love buzz’ knowing that I am so lucky to do what I do. I will be there thinking about my couple and hoping that they’re having the best night. I upload pictures I captured onto my Instagram stories because I’m so excited to share the work of all the vendors involved and everyone knows Alix loves a selfie. I will often go to bed exhausted but full of a whole lot of love. - Alix the Celebrant

Traditionally after weddings, I come home, get into my comfies and enjoy a takeaway dinner and glass of red with my hubby. I’m usually scrolling through all the beautiful photos and videos of your day and living through the moments again and again. - Lauren of Marry Me Lorri

I email couple to say thanks, give info on feedback and applying for their certificate. Complete documents. Stash celebrant suitcase and PA in my office. Put docs in envelope ready to post. Wine time!!!!! - Deborah of Deborah Lilley

Tell you what. For someone who recharges by connecting with people and loved ones, I'm

usually a bit pooped after a ceremony but will likely be off somewhere sharing wine and Celebrancy by Shelley food and telling someone all about this incredible wedding I did today! - Jane of Elise Mae Events

The car gets unpacked, all ceremony paperwork goes in the right spot in my office and UberEats is open on my phone. I jump into the shower, often with a shower beer (if you don’t know what that is, you’re missing out) and wash the day away. There is something euphoric about washing my hair and makeup off after a long day of wedding prep and delivery. What people don’t realise is that we are the safe space, the emotional support, the enthusiasm and settler of nerves. It takes a lot of energy to be that calm and that excited at the same time. -Tita of Por Vida Ceremonies

We don’t stop at your wedding, we will always be checking back in with you to watch and share your next chapters in life, be it buying a house, travelling or starting a family!

We all absolutely love what we do and I hope the above has given you some insight into the love, passion and dedication that goes into being your celebrant.

Love Jane x

(Elise Mae Events | Celebrant)

We MUST credit the talented photographers who have taken some of the photos you have seen throughout:

Jane | Dana of Will&Co Phography

Alix | Goldlight Photography

Kerrie | Roadie Hubby for the win with this snap!

Deborah | Selfie

Beccy | Selfie

Shelley's #MyLove is to credit for this beauty!

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