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9 ways to get your groom involved in the wedding planning

We live in 2021 which means that weddings are not your stiff, traditional, ‘only done a certain way’ thing anymore. Couples are breaking the mold of what weddings are these days and we are here for it! We have noticed that more grooms are getting involved and asking the hard-hitting questions when looking for their perfect celebrant and power to them, we say!

Here are some ideas on how to kickstart your wedding planning and ensuring that your hubby-to-be is involved along the way. There is more that he can do than meeting you at the end of the aisle!

1. Ask him

Ask him what he might want to be involved in- he might surprise you and say that he has always dreamed of arriving to the ceremony in a specific car or that he would like to source the DJ for you.

2. Foodie alert!

Is food the way to your man’s heart? If so, definitely get him onto the food bandwagon and tasting galore!

3. Play to his strengths.

For example, does he love spreadsheets and managing money, well why not let him be in charge of the wedding budget and spreadsheets. Imagine dropping all of the wedding budget on flowers because he wasn’t paying attention.

Image source: Scott Goh Photography

4. Be open to his ideas

Relax your inner control freak and take his ideas on board. If something really doesn’t work for you, talk about it and see if you can modify it, or maybe then it’s the perfect leverage for you getting that smoke machine for your first dance?!

5. Get him involved with the colour scheme.

Unless he is happy to walk into a reception venue full of pastel pinks here there, everywhere, we strongly suggest he gets involved with some of the styling elements, even if it’s just the colour palette.

6. Choose the tunes

Organize a night in together and get him to put together a playlist of songs that he likes for those special moments and then later on in the night when you want to get all your guests up and onto the D-floor!

7. Allocate all of the groomsmen tasks

Let them sort themselves out and try not to take over any of this- they can try on suits together, plan their bucks party and matching socks for the big day.

8. Don’t only load him up with wedding talk and tasks

Make sure you don’t bombard him with wedding talk as soon as he walks in the door from work, take time out to be with each other and enjoy spending time together that isn’t always focused on wedding talk.

9. Honeymoon!

You can both also enjoy things like planning the honeymoon together!

*Handy hint: Make sure you tell the accommodation that you are on your honeymoon, who knows, they may have a little surprise for you.

Both of you are saying “I Do” on the day, so we think you can both be equally involved in the lead up to the big day, ensuring that you treat and enjoy yourselves along the way also! For more handy hints, don't forget to check out our other blog topics.


Kendie & Jane


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