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9 tips on how to plan a covid friendly wedding and still have the best day of your life!

Wow, what a year! It’s been such an uncertain and unpredictable time for so many of us but weddings have been hit particularly hard for couples and vendors. As we head into the 2021/2022 season where restrictions are looking most likely, we know exactly what you are thinking, to postpone or not to postpone? We know for some couples, this could be your second or even your third postponement. Postponements are not just a reality and anxiety inducing for couples but also for our fellow wedding vendors.

So, we thought we would do our bit and have compiled some tips for you to consider so you can still have your dream day!

1. Personalised Masks

Organise personalised masks in your colour scheme or just go for some funny and fun masks for your guests and have these on their seats when they arrive. Not only will this ‘match’ for photos but people will feel that the potential elephant in the room or taboo topic of the big C (Covid) has been addressed and you are okay with the situation and want to have fun now!

Image Source: Couture+Love+Madness. Did you know @Couture+love+madness can create these adorable masks or one that matches your dress?

2. Make use of your invites

Understand if people make the decision not to come and do give them that choice to do so. Maybe consider on your invite letting them know that you might do an anniversary party that they can come along to also at a later date.

3. COVID Announcement

Have your celebrant acknowledge Covid and give your guests a guide of the day and night so that they understand how social distancing restrictions apply.

4. Get Creative

If the restrictions mean that there is no dancing for your guests, put on a show with a wedding party dance around them. Have your MC or DJ host a ‘quiz night’ with questions about you as the couple and the guests or wedding bingo!

5. Plan B, Plan C, Plan D and you get the gist...

You’ve probably heard this but do sit down and think about your plan B and C. Decide if it is the specific date that has significance for you and you want to go ahead whether it is just you two, your witnesses and your celebrant. There is no right or wrong answer but make sure you both are comfortable and on the same page. Check out our resource on how to prioritise (cut) your guestlist should restrictions occur (shhh this is for VIP guests only. Actually, you just need to sign up).

6. Embrace the idea of an elopement

Elopements are intimate and so special. You can absolutely have a big party later on and maybe play the video or some photos from your elopement for all your guests and re-create the ceremony or sharing your vows.

7. Don’t cancel all your vendors and plans too early.

Do communicate to all your vendors and wait until you absolutely must change plans and postpone. We all know how unpredictable these restrictions can be but if you cancel too early, you may miss out on the chance to have your wedding as planned.

8. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Communicate to each other about what’s important (the date specifically or waiting until you can have all 150 guests) .

Communicate to your vendors. They are in the know and have likely done several Covid weddings and can help to guide you. Talk to them before you postpone.

Communicate to your guests and let them know your plans and if it’s to go full steam ahead. Maybe even consider your wedding favour to be personalised masks and sanitiser for all guests!

9. these will be the best memories

Lastly, this will be a story to tell for the history books. As much heartache as COVID has been, it has taught us some valuable lessons as a society... And don't forget to.....take time out on the day for each other and reassure each other that it is your wedding day and you are MARRIED, Covid or not!


Jane + Kendie


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