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9 eco friendly wedding favour ideas

Avoid your guests going home without your wedding favours that you have spent hours planning and preparing in the hope they have a nice keepsake to remind them of your special day. Our suggestion, make it sustainable or reusable! Here at EME we are all about being as sustainable as possible and supporting small, local businesses.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite eco-friendly wedding favour ideas so that you can send your guests home with a reminder that is sentimental, useful and sustainable.

1. EcO-friendly packaging

Image via Pinterest

To start off with, lets talk packaging! As much as you can, try sourcing your wedding favours locally to support a small business here in our very own backyard. You can also try to source your favours from sellers that use eco-friendly packaging. If you are purchasing personalized favours from websites like Etsy, they actually offset shipping emissions, and many sellers specify if they use plastic-free shipping materials!

2. Make a donation

Instead of buying your guests a physical token of thanks, consider making a donation to a cause or charity close to your heart. You can print a note thanking guests and telling them where you are choosing to donate too. A beautiful wedding we attended also used their note cards as place cards to also save on additional printing costs.

Another idea is to pick a few different charities and give each guest the opportunity to choose where their donation goes to. This way, they will feel more invested in the donation process as they can choose a charity that is closed to their hearts.

3. Plants, Plants and more plants

Image via Pinterest

Ok, we love this one! Gifting potted plants such as succulents or herbs are eco-friendly and practical! Who doesn’t love some more greenery in their lives! Why not get creative with the pots and make each one unique to your guest.

Another suggestion is to arrange with your local nursery to return any left over plants or donate the plants to a local primary school or nursing home. We really do love this for you.

4. Flower seeds

Image via Pinterest

Another variation of potted plant wedding favours is giving your guests seed packets to bring home and plant themselves. There are so many personalised versions of seed packets available online, so get as creative as you like.

5. Edible gifts

Who doesn’t love edible wedding favours! Whether it be local wine, beer, kombucha, jam or locally produced preserved fruit, your options are endless. Scour your local farmers market to get some inspiration from small businesses who are doing it tough during these COVID times. Once you’ve selected the ultimate edible wedding favour, print your own labels and personalise it. You can thank us later!

6. Soy or beeswax candles

Check out local candle maker Chloe Jane creative

Ok, this one would have to be our resident Celebrant Jane’s favourite. She loves her home smelling of the most delicious scents. There are so many locally produced candle artisans out there. We would suggest to choose soy or beeswax candles as a more natural alternative. You might be able to find someone you know who can put together personalised candles to represent YOU- Jane was recently gifted a candle whereby they made it a mixture of sweet and fun with caramel, cinnamon and some flowers!

7. Covid edition – hand sanitising kits

We thought we certainly had to include this one amongst the suggestions. During these COVID times, hand sanitisers have become a hot commodity. So what goes hand in hand with this, hand cream of course! Why not gift your guests with mini hand sanitisers and paired with mini hand sanitisers, packaged in personalised naturally woven packaging of course. Our favourite would have to be from Yard Skincare, another fellow South Aussie company (and super affordable).

Elise Mae Events Mini Kits

8. Personalised glassware

Who doesn’t need more champagne flutes in their lives. How about ones with your guests names on it! A few years ago mason jars were a big hit, but we think champagne flutes will stand the test of time!

Even better, why not have the flutes as part of a champagne tower or a champagne wall? How amazing is this set up from Ever After Event Hire, for all the rattan lovers out there.

Image via: Valentina Perez

9. Think zero waste

There are so many ways to incorporate sustainability into your wedding day, so don’t just stop at eco-friendly wedding favors! Invitations, caterers, venues, flowers…the list of ways to reduce wedding-day waste is almost endless!

Let us know your thoughts.


Kendie and Jane


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