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5 tips to kickstart your wedding planning journey

Updated: May 19, 2021

Calling all wedding procrastinators !

Does this sound like you? We assure you; it is a very real thing and we have some tips on how to kick start your wedding planning!

Have you been waiting for what feels like an eternity for your other half to pop the question? You’ve already been so committed, with a house, dog or have travelled together… so what took so long?! Well, we rejoice with you that the day came, and we just know that it would have been so perfect, just as you imagined! You might be feeling like you should know where to start, maybe from having been in your friends’ weddings or having followed that wedding planning #Insta or #pinterest account for years. So why are you feeling lost?

Firstly, we want to reassure you that it is totally okay to feel this way, but we are here to guide you through. Take the pressure off yourself firstly, yes you may have helped your best friend plan their wedding or you have been to 17 weddings yourself, but that doesn’t always mean that you know how to plan YOUR wedding exactly as you had imagined! Now it is time for you to think about what you and your other half want, the wedding of your dreams!

Before you start our list that we have collated from our shared experiences, having been celebrant, bridesmaid, guest to many weddings and from working with many couples through this process, we want you to grab that fancy old bottle of wine you have sitting in the fridge- you know, the one you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Cos THIS IS IT! Time to celebrate you getting hitched!

Alrighty, time for our hot tips, but also make sure you check out our other online resources to get you on your ‘marry’ way!!

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Tip 1: Budget discussion

We know, we know. Maybe this is a hard one to start with but how about you make a date of it or choose a night with minimal distractions and open that bottle (oops, another bottle, yes!) and clearly identify where you both sit in terms of budget for the wedding. This will help to guide potentially timeframes for when you can get married also as you might identify that you have a little more saving to do or that you can order that champagne tower straight away! Ask yourselves the following questions as a guide on where to start:

  • How much do you envision the whole wedding costing?

  • What other costs do we need to consider? (ie mortgage, insurances, travel/honeymoon)

  • What are some of your non-negotiables (ie videographer or flowers)?

  • Will we stick to this budget? Should we get a wedding coordinator to assist with this also?

  • If someone else is also providing money towards the wedding, are there any expectations on additional guests or specific catering that we need to factor if we accept their money?

  • Does our budget affect the size of our guest list? And whether we will have a cocktail or sit down dinner?

2. Create your guest list

This can seem like a very daunting task, so we recommend starting by writing down everyone on both sides that you would consider inviting. Then cross-check this with your budget and plan for cocktail or sit down costs. This will help you to know if you need to cut the list or if you are able to accommodate this. We have put together a resource that will help you to think about whether to invite or maybe to cut someone from your guest list. It is important that you feel that those attending are adding value to your day, are people that you see socially regularly and are those that have your best interest at heart.

If you are finding it hard to create time to do this at home, maybe plan a cute day trip out to some wedding vendors and get inspired as you see where your potential wedding could be- this will also help you to see what size venues you might be looking at (and guide you more so for what your guest list size can be).

3. Get inspired and get in the know.

Grab your pals and pick their brains on supplier recommendations, make a list of what you liked and perhaps didn’t like of weddings that you have attended. We are working hard on a directory that you will be able to access with all of our recommended suppliers (first five will be dropping so make sure you’ve signed up so this lands in your inbox first!). We have met and connected with each vendor that we have featured so can assure you that they will not let you down on your big day!

4. Nut out the non-negotiables

Grab your fiancé (ooh, how fun to say!) and plan a weekend where you bring together what your absolute non-negotiables are. Your other half might have their heart set on specific cars to rock up to the ceremony in and you couldn’t care less, but in comparison, you might have your heart set on specific flowers and they couldn’t care less about these! Think about why these are so important to you- is it something you’ve always dreamed of, are you supporting a local supplier, is it ‘just cause’?! As long as you can share what these are, agree to compromise where you need to and ensure it all fits within your budget and is something that will make you happy on the day.

5. Do other things, besides wedding planning!

Make sure that every conversation isn’t always about wedding planning. Keep active, do leisure tasks like painting or pottery and go on new adventures together! Your celebrant will be asking you for some stories and to answer questions about your relationship so keep a diary of all the fun things you do together and why you love each other. Wedding planning is known to be stressful but we think it should be fun. If it is getting too overwhelming, take a step back, reassess and then step forwards again. Or, why not seek support from professionals. Professionals whose job it is to literally plan weddings so YOU can just enjoy the moment with your nearest and dearest.

As we love to preach, treat yo’ self ! Have a chat to us about our On the Day Coordination Service and favourite local Wedding Planners.


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